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janaandrea Kopie - Team

Jana Matthes
& Andrea Schramm

Screenplay and direction

We are fascinated and inspired by people. In more than 30 documentary films, we have told their stories and accompanied them through social and personal turbulences. Our strength lies in telling major social events in the form powerful, exciting individual stories.

We have made and produced award-winning films for television stations like arte, 3sat, ARD and ZDF. Our movies have been screened at international festivals and we won several awards, including the DEUTSCHEN FERNSEHPREIS and the Discovery Channel Award.

LArs o4df85hxa0x5qsasszotpu2psi18qhdz5pbnqjp41s - Team

Lars Barthel


I was born in Erfurt in 1953. After high school graduation and some time in the army, I went directly to the University for Film and Television of the GDR. There I studied at the camera department for four years. Afterwards I finished my master class as cameraman at the DEFA.

In 1982 I left the GDR and went to India with my wife and daughter. We returned after a year to western Germany, and from then on I worked in West-Berlin as a freelance cameraman.

Since my studies, my interest has been in documentary film. I also teach camera students at film schools in Germany, Italy and Burma. 

Gunter neu o4fi4elncpvyvdubkym4hy18yyjpambpiwzah7xps0 - Team

Gunter Hanfgarn


I am fascinated by documentary films. They are an attempt to understand and cinematically record human time and human experience in a very real and sometimes very emotional way. They provide us with the footnotes to understand our world and move between authentic illustration and storytelling.

In collaboration with many directors, I have been developing, supervising and producing films for over 25 years, which have been screened at many international festivals and which received numerous awards, including the Grimme Prize and a nomination for the German Film Prize. 


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