Drei Generation

Three generations

Als Yaars Großmutter Rina und sein Großvater Moshe sich nach dem Krieg begegneten, waren beide schwer traumatisiert. Rina wurde als Kind in einem großen Kochtopf aus dem KZ Plaschow bei Krakau geschmuggelt. Moshe hat Auschwitz und den Todesmarsch überlebt. Beider Familien waren bis auf wenige Ausnahmen ausgelöscht. In Israel begannen sie ein neues Leben, bekamen zusammen drei Kinder. Äußerlich versuchten sie zu funktionieren, doch es fiel ihnen schwer, Gefühle zuzulassen und ihren Kindern Geborgenheit zu geben.

As a child, their son Ilei often witnessed his mother's despair. Even 20 years after the war, she still feared the Gestapo would come knocking on her door. These impressions and stories are haunting Ilei to this day. In order to protect his children, he shielded them from his family’s history and from Judaism in general. He relocated his family to Germany, where Yaar grew up, far removed from his grandparents and their memories of a painful past.

The grandparents’ repressed memories, the father’s silence, the grandson’s rebellion – these are three generations’ different strategies for coming to terms with an inescapable past. And even without knowing any details, Yaar perceived his family’s heritage like a heavy burden throughout his life.

ENDLICH TACHELES! is far more than the story of a young Jew's search for his identity in Germany – the film is the intense portrait of a family whose lives have been marked by the Holocaust up to this day.


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